Prof Simon Emery

Prof Simon Emery HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant
Prof Simon Emery is an NHS Consultant who also works at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea. His main field is UroGynaecology.


Problems affecting uterus- eg abnormal bleeding , bladder-incontinence, bowel-incontinence, vagina- prolapses of all types, sexual function and pelvic pain


MBchB, FRCOG, HNC architectural Glass.


Prof Simon Emery leads a Pelvic Floor multidisciplinary team based in the gynaecology department of Singleton Hospital Swansea. He is also leads the sub-speciality training programme for UroGynaecology in Wales.

His Research interests include Pelvic surgery, Urinary Incontinence, Bladder and vaginal Infection, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy & exercise in pregnancy.

Prof Emery is married with 6 children and enjoys drawing, walking, sailing and architectural glass.