CMA Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order (2014)

In 2014, following a review of private healthcare practices in the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its findings. The relevant Order came into law in April 2015. The Order required private hospital operators to disclose specific information relating to the doctors who work within their facilities. Below is the relevant information that HMT is required to publish, as outlined in the Order.

High Value Services provided by HMT

When seeing their own private patients, our doctors are charged £22.80 per hour for the use of consulting rooms at HMT Hospitals. Consulting rooms are made available on a first come first served basis, with no individual prioritisation.

Low Value Services provided by HMT

The following services are provided to doctors when consulting or treating their own private patients at HMT Hospitals. These services are provided free of charge:

Clinical Support Services

Chaperone Support, Operational Support (such as patient administration services).

Provision of Workplace Amenities

Stationery and refreshments to the same extent that are made available to our employed staff.


We publish profiles of our doctors in both digital and paper formats as part of HMT’s marketing programme.

Equity Participation Schemes

HMT does not operate Equity Participation Schemes with any doctor using its facilities.

Corporate Hospitality Events for Referring Clinicians

HMT does not host or contribute to corporate events specifically for clinicians who refer their own private patients for consultation or treatment at our facilities.

Clinical Advisory Service

HMT has appointed a number of Clinical Advisors at each hospital site. Their role includes the following:

To be available to offer advice to senior management on matters relating to clinical practice.

To assist the Hospital’s management team to achieve compliance in relation to regulatory requirements and national guidelines relevant to their specialty.

To advise on clinical policy at HMT Hospitals.

For this service, each Clinical Advisor is remunerated to the sum of £5000 per annum. The current list of Clinical Advisors at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital is as follows:

Professor Eirini Skiadaresi


Prof Julian Halcox HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant

Prof Julian Halcox


Mr Matthew Dodd HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant

Mr Matthew Dodd

Mr Neil Fenn HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant

Mr Neil Fenn

Dr Suresh Dalavaye HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant

Dr Suresh Dalavaye


Mr Dougie Russell HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant

Mr Dougie Russell


Mr Dean Boyce

Plastic Surgery

Mrs Monika Vij HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Consultant

Mrs Monika Vij


Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN)

As required by the CMA Order, HMT submits patient outcome data to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN), the nominated Information Organisation (IO).

For further information on PHIN please refer to its website here.