Value for money

Unlike some private hospital groups, Sancta Maria Hospital is operated on a not-for-profit basis, with surplus funds going to fund medical research and educational grants. Without the demands of shareholders, we are able to offer outstanding value for money.

What does Self Pay mean

Self-pay is when you pay for your own private healthcare without using medical insurance. So, you just pay for what you need, as and when you need it. It’s a pay-as-you-go approach to private healthcare.

Consultant’s fees and diagnostics

Our inclusive care packages do not include consultant fees for the initial consultation. These vary quite a lot, but on average they tend to start from around £200. Further information on consultant fees can be found on the Private Healthcare Information Network  Private Healthcare Information Network (  You’ll also have to pay separately for any diagnostics tests done during this initial consultation, for example, if you need an X-ray or blood test. Your consultant will check that you are OK with these prices before booking anything. The fee consultants charge to undertake your procedure may vary between consultants. Check when you make your enquiry about the hospital cost and the surgeon cost of your planned procedure.

More information can be found about Choosing a consultant can be found in our FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Swansea

How much is private healthcare

Just like every person is different, every treatment plan is different, and so the cost of private healthcare will vary from person to person.

We know that many people want to get an idea of prices before they decide to go private. So below is a price guide for some of our commonly performed procedures

  • The cost of Hip replacement surgery starts from £13,402*
  • The cost of Knee replacement surgery starts from £15,119*
  • The cost of Cataract surgery (for one eye) starts from  £2,966*
  • The cost of a Knee arthroscopy procedure starts from £3,502*
  • The cost of a Carpal Tunnel starts from around £2,000*
  • The cost of an Endometriosis surgery starts from £4,700*
  • The cost of Gallbladder removal surgery starts from £6,875*
  • The cost of a Colonoscopy starts from £2,141*
  • The cost of a Hernia repair surgery starts from £3,295*

Surgeon fees for operations do vary between Consultants, so you may want to ask for information about this when you make your initial enquiry.

*All prices given are guide prices. A guide price is an approximation of the cost of treatment only. The final price may vary according to Consultant fees, prosthesis or drugs used, and any pre-existing medical conditions which may alter your care pathway. Our treatment packages are bespoke, and therefore our private healthcare prices differ from case to case. The final cost of your treatment will only be confirmed after you have seen the consultant specialist, been through the pre-surgery assessment pathway, and then confirmed by the hospital.

When you use self-pay, you’ll get an inclusive care package for the procedure that will also include your aftercare, so you won’t get any nasty surprises down the line – and you can just focus on getting better. These prices are only applicable to patients who are paying for their own treatment. If you want to pay for treatment using your health insurance, the costs will generally be covered by your provider.

Self pay

We accept the following forms of payment. You will be asked to make full payment for your procedure 7 days in advance of your surgery date.

  • Credit and Debit card
  • Bank transfer