Mr Steven Vine

Mr Steven Vine
Mr Steven Vine is an NHS consultant who also works at Sancta Maria Hospital with over 25 years of consultant experience. He is also one of the NHS leads for the Gynaecology cancer services.


General gynaecology, gynaecology cancer, investigation and treatment of menopause, period problems, fertility and pelvic pain including endometriosis and PCOS.




Mr Steven Vine trained at Leicester Medical School qualifying in 1986. He trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Midlands initially before moving to Wales in 1989. He then rapidly progressed and became a consultant in Spring 1997.

Mr Steven Vine has a lot of experience in most aspects of gynaecology and is one of the NHS leads for the Gynaecology cancer services. He offers a full range of gynaecology services including keyhole surgery, menopause investigation and treatment, period problems and pelvic pain including endometriosis.

He also worked in a tertiary fertility unit for 2 years so has a lot of experience with various fertility treatments and PCOS. Mr Vine has over 25 years of experience as an NHS consultant and has also worked in private hospitals since December 1997 and has a great deal of experience in most aspects of both Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In addition to his experience as a consultant Mr Vine is also a member of the BSGE, he is a recognised trainer for Hysteroscopy and has been a trainer for gynaecology ultrasound having some publications on pelvic Doppler. He has also presented a paper at the BMUS scientific meeting whilst working in the IVF unit in Cardiff. He has been involved in training since he became a consultant and has been a Clinical Director and still holds regular clinics and operating lists.