Dr Balwinder Bajaj

Dr Balwinder Bajaj is a Consultant who works at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea. His main field is Cardiology.


Cardiology. General Internal Medicine


BSc hons, MBBS Lond., MSc Med. Ed., PhD, FRCP, SFHEA, FAcad. Med. Ed.


Dr Balwinder-Bajaj has been a Consultant for 18 years, practising as a General Physician and Cardiologist. He has been a Senior Lecturer and now Associate Clinical Professor in Pharmacology at Swansea University Medical School since 2006 on the teaching and course management track for the Medicine and Physician Associate courses. His sub-speciality interest is in cardiac imaging. He has worked at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital since 2003. He also words at Singleton NHS hospital.