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About your hearing

In the UK over 11 million people are affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss is particularly prevalent in later years. However, there are many conditions other than age, which may cause a hearing loss at any time of life. Often if a patient is suffering with any tinnitus or balance disorders a hearing assessment is a key part of the investigations the ENT consultant may want to carry out.

About hearing assessments

A hearing assessment determines the level of sound a person can hear at a number of different frequencies. The assessment is carried out using a piece of equipment called an audiometer, using pure tone audiometry. Earphones are placed onto the patients ears and the patient is given a button to hold. The patient is asked to press the button every time they hear the presented sound. For this assessment the patient will be asked to sit in a sound proof booth. Depending on the hearing loss, the test takes approx. 15/20 minutes. To complete the hearing assessment, a middle ear function test will be carried out to analyse the function of the middle ear using a tympanometer. This test will indicate any middle ear abnormalities the patient may have. This is a short simple test, where a small probe is inserted into the ear for just a few seconds. Together with the hearing assessment and middle ear function test, we will be able to provide an accurate picture of any hearing loss to aid the diagnosis of Hearing/tinnitus and Balance disorders.

Booking an appointment

If you are under an ENT Consultant this will be arranged for you by the ENT Secretary. If you have been referred by a Private GP at Sancta Maria this will be arranged for you by one of the audiology team following receiving a referral. If you would like to self-refer please contact the hospital directly on 01792 479 040 or email info@hmtsanctamaria.org


Payment should be made payable to Sancta Maria as a self-pay option, or if insured we ask if all patients can inform their insurance company prior to the test and ask for an authorisation code. This code will be taken along with the membership number at the time of the appointment.


Treatment price

*Our inclusive care package packages do not include the cost of your initial consultation or any diagnostic tests done at the time. Prices will be confirmed after your first appointment with a consultant specialist.

All prices given are guide prices. Our treatment packages are bespoke, and therefore our private healthcare prices differ from case to case. We will confirm prices in writing before going ahead with any treatment.

What to do next
  1. Talk to us about ways to pay, either insured or self-pay, and find out if you need a referral from your doctor.
  2. If you need one, ask your GP for a referral letter.
  3. Call us to book an appointment with a consultant.
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