Nicola Phillips Principal Clinical Scientist

Miss Nicola Phillips offers private services in Audiology and ear wax removal.


All Hearing assessments including audiometry, tympanometry and tinnitus matching, ear wax removal and hearing protection.


BAAT Parts 1 and 2 (Audiology). MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. Clinical Scientist AHCS certificate of equivalence (Registered HCPC)


Nicola is a HCPC registered Principal Clinical Scientist in Audiology. Nicola began her career in 1998 where she trained as an Audiologist at Swansea University, Neath General Hospital and Birmingham Teaching Hospital. Nicola has acquired a range of qualifications within the profession including a Master’s degree in Advanced Clinical Practice and completion of the Scientist Training Programme portfolio, qualifying as a Clinical scientist.  She has a wealth of senior level experience in Audiology, her extensive CV includes being a lead auditor at a national level, setting up standard operating procedures, pathways and outcome measures for new services within Audiology. Nicola is a keen advocate for the profession, she has met with Cabinet Ministers, Government Advisors and Chief Executives in promoting and developing Audiology services in Wales and often delivers talks and presentations at a national level. Nicola has been the recipient of many high profile awards within the Audiological field over the years.

Nicola specialises in ear wax removal. As well as being experienced in routine wax removal, Nicola is trained in the wax removal of complex ears, such as ears that have had previous surgery or abnormality.

Nicola has worked in the NHS since 1998 and in the Private Sector at Sancta Maria Hospital from 2008.