Dr Sandar Hlaing

Dr Hlaing is a private GP at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital.


Menopause and Women’s Health, Elderly Care (Holistic Care of Chronic Conditions including Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes), Dementia and Health Screening, Mental Health, Sexual Health, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, Cancer Screenings.


MBBS, MA (Education) FRCGP, DRCOG, DRSH, DGM, Certificates in Substance Misuse Management and Alcohol Management


Dr Hlaing is a GP with 15 years experience in providing dedicated One-stop Women’s Clinics (covering sexual health, family planning, menopause, bleeding disorder, mental health), Elderly Medicine and Memory Check Clinics, Shortness of Breath Diagnostic Clinics and Youth Clinics (covering mental health, sexual health, chronic conditions of the youth such as Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy).

Dr Hlaing is a member of the British Menopause Society and International Menopause Society. She is a member of Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health and a Diplomate of  the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Born in Myanmar, Dr Hlaing achieved her MBBS qualification in the year 2000 and moved to the UK in 2002. She joined the Harbourside Health Center in 2009 where she worked until May 2022. Dr Hlaing is a GP at SA1 Medical Centre and she is actively involved in promoting quality care in the community. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys music and gardening in her spare time.

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