HMT Sancta Maria Joins Local Education Programme As Corporate Partner

We have recently partnered with 2B Enterprising to provide two local primary schools with a range of educational resources. The resources, known as The Bumbles of Honeywood, are aimed at 4-8 year olds and through a series of bi-lingual books and activities, children learn how to be ambitious and capable learners, healthy and confident individuals, ethical and informed citizens and enterprising and creative contributors.

We have chosen to support children in Danygraig Primary School in Port Tennant close to our current hospital site and Oakleigh House Primary School near to our former site in the Uplands.

As well as providing the school with educational resources, we will have the opportunity throughout the year to visit the schools and share our experience of working in a hospital in the hope that we will inspire a new generation to consider healthcare as a career option.

Tony Barratt, Chief Executive of Healthcare Management Trust comments: “We are thrilled to be partnering with 2B Enterprising to bring a range of innovative educational materials to children in our local community. We are excited to be part of their learning journey.”

We are currently planning a year of activity with each school and we hope that the children enjoy their Bumbles of Honeywood activities. If restrictions allow, we are planning to facilitate visits to the hospital and are looking forward to working on some bespoke tasks with each school. For more information about the scheme visit