Meet the Consultants: Cosmetic Surgery 

Join our top cosmetic surgeons, Prof. Iain Whitaker, and Mr Amar Ghattaura, on Monday, 5th December at 7pm, for a free webinar about the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital. 

This is your opportunity to hear more about:

  • the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures offered
  • what patients can expect- from consultations to post-surgery care
  • payment packages 

Whether you want to explore lipo-suction, a face-lift, breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, this webinar will give you the information you need to help you with your decisions. 

Please note that as a participant, your camera and microphone will be disabled but you can ask questions anonymously via the Q&A function on Zoom. 

Book your place on the event here.