HMT Sancta Maria Hospital Restores Eyesight of Long-serving Swansea Jeweller

We were so pleased to hear from long-serving jeweller Spencer Morgan about how he is celebrating regaining his eyesight after a successful cataract removal by Mario Saldanha, here at HMT Sancta Maria.

Spencer had feared his career may be over due to his decline in eyesight, and that he would not be able to design and create jewellery like he had done for over 40 years. But the success of the operation gave him more freedom than he could ever have hoped for.

He said: “My eyesight is incredibly important to me. Making jewellery requires precision and careful hand/eye coordination so strong eyesight is essential. I now have 20/20 vision and can drive without glasses, so the procedure has been truly transformational.”

Cataract surgery is a swift procedure, usually taking around 20 minutes. Therefore, it is a day case and normal activities can be resumed within a few days post op. Spencer continued: “The whole process was really efficient, and the new hospital is convenient, particularly for a businessman like myself who works in the city centre.”

Geoff Bailey, hospital director, explained: “Many people don’t realise the benefit of such a procedure but, in Spencer’s case, it has given him many more years of carrying out a job that he’s passionate about.”

Our new SA1 hospital, which opened its doors in February 2021, has a dedicated ophthalmology suite, consisting of two day surgery units, providing the perfect space for recovery after such procedures. Due to the swiftness of each procedure, we can see many patients per week, meaning there are no waiting lists.

For more information on Cataract surgery, or the consultants available to you, please see the treatments and consultants section of our website.