Don’t Let Stress Run Away With You

April is Stress Awareness Month – a great reminder of the importance of noticing our stress levels and taking steps to improve things.

We all have our own stress triggers and coping mechanisms. And for many of us, despite its challenges, the pandemic and its lockdowns reminded us to take some time for ourselves and to focus on our mental and physical health more carefully.

Whether it is taking a long walk with the dog, getting on your bike, baking a fresh loaf, learning to play the ukulele, phoning a friend, or taking some time to meditate – bringing down our stress levels is within our grasp. 

Regular exercise is one of the most effective stress-busters, and it has, of course, so many other added benefits. This is one of the reasons HMT Sancta Maria Hospital is proud to be a regular sponsor of the JCP Swansea Half Marathon. We will be cheering on the runners at the event too, on 12 June 2022. (Running in a beautiful location is another great stress-buster and the Swansea Half Marathon certainly offers this).

You do not need to be a world-beating athlete to get the benefits of running regularly. Running is proven to reduce anxiety and depression; it boosts blood circulation to the brain and floods the body with mood-boosting hormones. Regular exercise will impact your physical fitness too, of course, which is likely to boost your mood and to improve your life. Why not make a gentle start? You have little to lose but your stress.

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