Be Aware of Skin Cancer Symptoms

Many people have been reluctant to seek advice from their GP since the lockdown began in March. Clinicians have also reported a 75% decrease in the number of urgent cancer referrals in Wales since the start of the pandemic. The team at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital is urging you to be aware of cancer symptoms and seek advice from your GP if you have any concerns.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and there are some key symptoms to look out for. These include:

  • A change to a mole, freckle of normal patch of skin
  • A mole with an uneven shape or irregular edges
  • A larger mole or freckle of more than 6mm in width
  • Changing size, shape or colour of an existing mole or freckle
  • A mole or freckle that is itchy or bleeding

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, patients should still discuss unusual symptoms with their primary care provider, even if this is over the phone or via a video conference rather than in person. 

A GP will then be able to initiate simple investigations and referral for further assessment if required.