We provide the full choice of cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical cosmetic interventions.

Our team of experienced surgeons are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best advice and treatment in a calm, peaceful environment.

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is personal to you. Our approach is to be straight-forward and compassionate whilst providing specialist expertise and knowledge about the treatment you’re considering.

During your consultation with the surgeon please feel free to ask questions. It’s important to discuss your motivations and expectations so the surgeon can guide you, ensuring you make an informed decision. 

We offer the full range of cosmetic treatments for men and women, both surgical and non-surgical. Find out more by clicking on one of the following treatments.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic (also known as Plastic Surgery) is an elective procedure which is performed to change the appearance of a part of your body.

It is normally done to increase confidence, improve appearance, or boost self-esteem.

Do I need Cosmetic Surgery?

It is important that you understand the consequences of cosmetic surgery. It is a big decision which requires ample time to consider all options and what you want to gain from the surgery.

You will be asked questions as part of your consultation with the surgeon which it may be beneficial to think about before you meet the surgeon such as;

  • Do I want this procedure or is it for someone else?
  • What are my expectations and goals following the surgery – and are these realistic.
  • How long have I been thinking about having the procedure and do I understand the aftercare involved in the procedure such as time off work/gym, and what would happen if there were any complications.

What to think about prior to my cosmetic surgery consultation.

Try to research all you can about both the procedure and the surgeon you have decided to have your surgery with. This is a journey, and you have to be completely happy and confident with your choice of surgeon before proceeding.

You can look at information about each of the consultants on their profiles on our website. You can also look at The Private Network Information Network (PHIN) for information on each consultant on this link. Private Healthcare Information Network (phin.org.uk)

As part of the consultation process, you will be given a leaflet informing you about the specific surgery you are having, after care and what to expect following your surgery with us.

The consultants should be able to answer any questions you have at your initial consultation, but if you do think of any other questions prior to your surgery, you will be given contact details for your surgeon or their secretaries who will be happy to answer.

Why choose Sancta Maria?

At Sancta Maria we put patients at the forefront. When choosing where you want to have surgery, it is important to think about the aftercare you may require following your surgery.

 You will be coming to our state-of-the-art, purpose-built hospital in Swansea’s SA1 Waterfront, just off Fabian Way.

You will see your consultant both pre and post operatively, and have access to both them and the excellent nursing team in our dedicated dressing clinic for your aftercare.

Being fit for Cosmetic surgery:

As Cosmetic Surgery is elective, we ask that patients are as healthy as possible prior to surgery so that they have the best outcomes, and lessen the risks associated with surgery.

This includes

  • Having a healthy diet – At Sancta Maria we have criteria relating to patients BMI (Body Mass Index). You will be asked for your height and weight, and may be asked to lose weight prior to surgery. This is because we know that patients who have high BMI’s have poorer outcomes following surgery than people who are within healthy BMI limits. A healthy diet will improve general health and wellbeing long term so is a good choice regardless of the decision to go ahead with surgery.
  • Smoking/ Vaping status – Smokers/ vapers have a much poorer wound healing outcome, so you will be asked to give up smoking or vaping prior to planning a surgery date. Guidance on ways to quit are available at Quit smoking – Better Health – NHS (www.nhs.uk)
  • Psychological Assessment – Your consultant may feel that you would benefit from a psychological assessment prior to surgery. This can be for a multitude of reasons, and is common practice in Cosmetic Surgery. They will discuss this with you if applicable. 

Next Steps;

Please contact our customer services team on 01792 479040. To book a consultation. Consultants may have different consultation and operating fees – all quotations for surgery are for ‘guide price’ purposes only.

We accept the following forms of payment. You will be asked to make full payment for your procedure 7 days in advance of your surgery date.

  • Credit and Debit card
  • Bank transfer

If you are paying for your own treatment you may want to consider spreading the cost through finance, tailored to your needs. Chrysalis Finance offer a range of payment options, find out more here: Chrysalis Finance – Spread The Cost Of Your Treatment