Cosmetic Treatments

We understand that choosing cosmetic treatment is a significant decision, that's why we are always a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns and the surgeon you choose will work with you at each stage of the treatment. The cosmetic service is consultant led and we believe that the relationship we build with patients is invaluable.

As a non-profit organisation we continually reinvest in our facilities, our team of leading surgeons, and provide a fully inclusive package whilst maintaining fair pricing. From ample free parking and complimentary food & drink to luxurious en-suite rooms and attentive nursing team, you will receive exceptional care at each stage of your care. To ask us any questions, or book a consultation, please call 01792 479040.

Is cosmetic surgery for you?

People of all ages, genders and from all walks of life are now choosing to have cosmetic surgery. Mostly, people choose cosmetic surgery to build self-esteem and live their life with confidence.

You may feel that when looking in the mirror your appearance doesn't match your personality and vigour, or that people don't see the real you. Our team will talk to you about all options available to help you make the best decision about your treatment.

Cosmetic surgery doesn't have to be drastic. The British Association of Plastic Surgeons reports that women in the UK are increasingly taking a more subtle approach to cosmetic surgery – seeking subtle anti-ageing treatments to help give them a confidence boost. Men are also increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks and improve their physique more than ever before. Favored procedures are face / neck lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose job), pinnaplasty (correction of ears) and liposuction.