Mr Tim Buxton

Mr Tim Buxton is a consultant who works at Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea. His main field is neurosurgery and he specialises in spinal neurosurgery.


Surgical Neurology, Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon




Mr Tim Buxton has over 30 years experience in spinal surgery working in the West Midlands, New Zealand and latterly as a consultant neurosurgeon in Swansea treating patients across West and South Wales. Internationally recognised, he treats patients from the Middle East and South Americas. Tim has had two lumbar surgeries himself and has considerable empathy with sufferers of pain reaching that point where they need specialist treatment, realising from a personal position the worries that patients have and can offer first hand advice and strategies for care that do not always mean surgery is the first option if it can be avoided. By working with a team of professionally accredited physiotherapists, audited results of his non-invasive therapies show that only 1 patient in 20 seen might need surgery. Tim Buxton has attended the American Congress of Neurosurgeons meeting 2013 addressing the promotion of safety in patient care and enhancing the surgical experience for patients. Tim is actively engaged in self evaluation through audit and patient/ colleague feedback. Tim is a Chair of School Governors.