Frequently Asked Questions

Does the standard of care provided to private and NHS patients differ?

No. The care provided by HMT Sancta Maria Hospital is of the same high standard, regardless of who is paying for the treatment.

When are visiting times?

We have an open visiting policy. Loved ones can visit at any point during your stay.

Telephone enquiries are welcome at any time.

Are there any types of surgery that are not performed at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital?

We do not currently perform heart surgery or provide cancer treatment.

Do I need medical insurance to access HMT Sancta Maria Hospital facilities?

No. We welcome those who do not have private medical insurance, or whose insurance does not cover the treatment they need.

We offer special fixed prices for patients funding their own treatment.

For more details please call 01792 479 040 and our team will be happy to help.

How do I arrange one-off private treatment?

Simply call us on 01792 479 040 and ask about an initial consultation. Staff will also be able discuss costs and payment options.

How much is Car Parking?

There is free on-street parking for visitors outside the hospital on Ffynone Road.

What should I bring with me when being admitted?

The following list of items are commonly brought in by patients preparing for overnight stays, you may wish to use this checklist as you prepare your overnight bag;

• All current medication
• Glasses/Contact Lenses
• Toiletries
• Night Clothes
• Flat Comfortable Shoes
• Dressing Gown

How do I choose a Consultant?

Talking to your GP is often the first route to choosing a Consultant, and they will be able to advise you. If you wish to choose a Consultant yourself, this is also possible. You can either get a recommendation from friends and family or use our Consultant search to view profiles of Consultants working at HMT Sancta Maria Hospital. For most treatments, you’ll need a GP referral letter prior to your first appointment.

Will I see the same Consultant every time?

Yes. Your Consultant will care for you from the first appointment through to any follow up care.


Have a question? Please contact us - We will try to answer you within the next 24 hours.


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